I am originally from England and currently based in Las Vegas, NV.

I focus mainly on oil painting and photography, with a new interest in creating mixed media art and using pigmented resin.

My passion for art began at an early age while watching my dad paint using watercolours, along with being shown my grandfathers work. So painting, photography, making things from wood, beads, glass and metal is innate in me due to my family's creative gene and other artist influences.

As a young adult, I started to draw and paint. I stopped for quite some time. When I moved to Chicago and worked for an artist in the 90's, she encouraged and inspired me to start painting again. It was when I relocated to Las Vegas in 2004 and joined a local artists guild that things really changed for me. Being a part this community helped reignite my creativity and motivated me to participate in shows and exhibitions. 

I find it very uplifting and rewarding to see people smiling when they are looking at my work.  Often times it seems to motivate the viewer to visit the place I have photographed or take a painting class or treat themselves to one of my art pieces.  This truly inspires me to continue creating.

My love of traveling has taken me to some fantastic places. I am in awe of mother nature and the amazing scenes I'm able capture with my camera.


Art & Photography is available on fine art paper, glossy/matte prints and on canvas.



Member of the Boulder City Art Guild 2023Member of CCAG - Clark County Artist Guild (Las Vegas) 2010 - 2017
Board Member of CCAG  2011 -2017
Member of CCAG Membership, Newsletter, Marketing/PR, fundraising, and education committees, Assistant to President and VP.